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About Us


GRAIN SUPPLIERS ASSOCIATION (HUBUDER) was established in order to gather grain suppliers under the same roof aiming to contribute to the implications which serve the interests of the sector and the country in grain trading. 

Grain Suppliers Association, HUBUDER is the short name for it, was established to ensure the development of activities relating to trade in cereals and grain in Turkey and to provide support to individuals and organizations who work on this area.

The purpose of HUBUDER is as follows; the best assesment of potential in grains by adhering to the principles of democracy, free enterprise, freedom of thought and belief, carry out works to develop trade, carry out studies to increase the competitiveness of the sector and to make international integration and develop projects related to this issue, to ensure co-ordination between the public and the private sector, to represent the organization in front of the public and public sector organizations, to represent the organization before the relevant authorities for the removal of obstacles in trade and to take all kinds of initiatives, to announce to the public and the relevant authorities about the problems and solutions concerning the grain trade, to join forces in order to to create a common working platform and synergy by promoting solidarity among members and respectively to create common code of ethics and standard contracts for grain trading.

HUBUDER Board of Directors consists of five members of the Board established under the chairmanship of Ms. Gülfem Eren who is the owner of Agron Agricultural Products Consulting and Trade Co., Ltd. Ms. Zeynep Serife Dayi, President of the Mergrain Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Industrial Products Co., is in charge of Vice Chairman post. The other members of the Board of Directors are; Mr. Kemal Akgül from U.P.G.R.A.I.N Agricultural Products Import Export Industry and Mr. Batuhan Erçetin from Tiryaki Agro Food Industry And Trade Co., and Mr. Erol Yahya from INTERMIL-Flour Food Industry And Trade Co., Ltd.

The first General Assembly of the Association was held on 04.06.2013, has currently 67 members. Participation in the association is increasing every passing day.

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Ebulula Mardin St. Yıldırım Oğuz Göker St. No:1 Carlton 17 Blok A:10 Akat