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Chairman’s Message

Domesticated cereals are one of the milestones in the history of mankind. Thus, our hunter gatherer ancestors started to get settled and set the foundation of the first civilizations by this development. The Grain Trade which started by producing more than the needed amounts is probably one of the oldest professions in the world and it was probably around 9000B.C. when the first domesticated grains were grown, in other words in times dating back to the Neolithic Revolution. Happily we are doing one of the very important jobs that enabled the establishment of the civilization of mankind. Moreover, on the Earth’s soil where the first domesticated wheat and barley were grown for the first time.

No matter how the world markets change in a dizzying speed, grain merchants defying all these changes and continue to be the members of a profession that are close to nature. An average human life witnesses complicated changes through the way; while humans are trying to adapt to constant new ecological, social, cultural and economic conditions, it is very nice to see that the importance of this ancient profession, that plays a very important role for human nutrition since thousands of years, protects itself without losing anything from its value.

Although we came from different political opinions, beliefs and social realities, we are still a part of the same human family. Short-term interests appear to contradict each other, however, when we look at the big picture the whole is losing importance. Doesn’t the benefit of all humanity turn out to be fundamentally common? Whereas in fact we are lifelong seperated by religion, language, race, gender differences and many more false walls from each other and we do have conflicts from time to time. I, as a person who has been dealing with the grain trade since many years and working with a lot of people from different cultures and traditions in Turkey, has been proved that the falsity of polarization and separations that are experienced effects our humane concerns in the negotiations of wheat, our fears, our hopes and our joy is shared commonly and then I discovered that it would be the same way again from this point onwards.

I am honored to be the president of the Grain Suppliers Association and to be in the same family with the people who give me this rich life experience, perhaps one of the most traditional and patriarchal occupations as a woman.

While the world population is rapidly increasing, the food safety concerns and the grain supply in human nutrition is also becoming more important.

I am hoping that in the future the companies operating in our sector will fulfill their duty in the nutrition of our people by increasing their capital power and adapting to the international competition conditions.

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Ebulula Mardin St. Yıldırım Oğuz Göker St. No:1 Carlton 17 Blok A:10 Akat